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Below is a list of links to articles written by Sea Shepherd about the Shark campaign. These articles were originally posted in either our News Release or Commentary/Editorial sections.

To read articles as reported by the media (published in newspapers, magazines, and online) about Sea Shepherd and our efforts to save marine wildlife, please visit SSCS in the News.

Shark-related News Releases and Editorials
by Sea Shepherd:


26 Jun 09 Double Whammy in the Galapagos: Two Busts in Two Days on Two Islands

18 Jun 09 Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica

19 May 09 Victory for Whale Sharks at Singapore Resort

13 May 09 Remove the Nets: Join the Shark Angels' Campaign against Shark Nets!

11 May 09 NGO Alliance Looks for Compensation Above R $60 Million for the Illegal Capture of Sharks

27 Apr 09 A Victory for the Sharks: Sea Shepherd Persuades Holista to Cease All Production of Shark Cartilage Products!

20 Apr 09 Holista Shark Cartilage Capsules - A Bitter Pill to Swallow

14 Apr 09 Report on Illegal Fishing Vessels Caught Inside the Marine Reserve

14 Apr 09 Shark Poachers Caught for the Second Time Inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve

02 Apr 09 Sea Shepherd Partners with The Underwater Channel To Stop Shark Finning

02 Apr 09 Sea Shepherd Brazil Launches Shark Defense Campaign


21 Oct 08 Good News - The Shark Killers at Yahoo take a Financial Beating

03 Sep 08 LUSH and Sea Shepherd Launch Global Anti-Shark-Finning Campaign

03 Sep 08 A 4th Grader’s Plea to Stop Killing Sharks - commentary

21 Aug 08 LUSH and Sea Shepherd Launch Partnership Campaign to Protect Sharks

12 Aug 08 Lush and Sea Shepherd team-up for global campaign against shark fishing industry

30 Jun 08 Hakkasan Drops Shark Fin Soup from the Menu

16 May 08 Queensland Ozzie Politicians Plan Shark Attack

08 May 08 Smelly Fishy Business in the Galapagos

04 Mar 08 Sea Shepherd Supports Responsible Shark Diving

25 Feb 08 Tragedy Occurs During Shark Dive: Shark Angels Express their Condolences


18 Dec 07 Sea Shepherd Urges Night Club to Release Captive Sharks

27 Nov 07 Shark Angels Expedition a Resounding Success

15 Nov 07 Shark Angels Arrive In The Bahamas

04 Oct 07 Yahoo! Invests in Shark Finning

06 Aug 07 A Sunday at Sea with Sea Shepherd and the Shark Killers - commentary

09 Aug 07 Sharkwater Wins Best Foreign Film in South Africa

06 Aug 07 The Galapagos Needs President Correa to Speak Up for Sea Shepherd Director Sean O'Hearn-Gimenez and the Sharks

04 Aug 07 Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Freed

04 Aug 07 Shark Fin Scandal Explodes in Ecuador: Sea Shepherd Director Illegally Ousted

04 Aug 07 Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Sean O'Hearn-Gimenez Arrested in Ecuador

20 Jun 07 Sea Shepherd Galapagos Sting Results in Seizure of Over 18,000 Shark Fins

22 Mar 07 Sharkwater Film Release in Canada - Filmmaker Documents Sea Shepherd & Sharks

07 Mar 07 Captain Paul Watson at Sharkwater Screening


29 Dec 06 Sea Shepherd Calls for a Ban of’s Listings Supporting the Shark Fin Trade

12 Sep 06 The Film Sharkwater is a Hit at the Toronto Film Festival

06 Aug 06 NBA Star Yao Ming Swears Off Shark Fin Soup


24 Oct 05 Reward Offered for Information on Australian Shark Killers

13 Oct 05 Costa Rican Shark Hunter Slips Into Galapagos Under the U.S. Flag

26 Aug 05 Shark Killers Get No Favors from Sea Shepherd

22 Jul 05 Sea Shepherd Warns Authorities of Tampered Shark Fins

06 Jul 05 Young Asians' Eating Habits Key to Saving Sharks

24 Jun 05 Disney Agrees to Ban Shark Fin Soup

14 Jun 05 Hong Kong is a Cesspool of Illegal Shark Fin Trading

09 Jun 05 Shark Finning is Really, Really Bad, But We Want the Money Says Disney

08 Jun 05 Disney Admits to Supporting Illegal Shark Finning – Sea Shepherd Calls for a Zero Policy of Shark Fin Soup

07 Jun 05 USA Courts Deliver Harsh Verdict Against Shark Finners

06 Jun 05 Sea Shepherd Replies to the Shark Fin Trade Merchants Association

28 May 05 Disney Cruelly Cuts the Fins Off Sharks for Money - commentary


15 Sep 04 Shark Finners First to Plead Guilty Under New Law

20 Aug 04 Costa Rican Corruption Condemns the Sharks

12 Jun 04 Sea Shepherd Applauds Ecuadorian Government Ruling Shark Fins Banned from Export in Ecuador

02 Apr 04 Sea Shepherd Applauds South African Shark Fin Seizures

06 Jan 04 Raid on Poacher's Camp Results in Large Seizure in the Galapagos


12 Nov 03 The Facts on Costa Rica's Illegal Shark Trade

27 Oct 03 SSCS Joins Call for Nullification of New Costa Rican Shark Fin Regulations

13 Sep 03 Galapagos National Park Seizes Shark Fins

05 Jul 03 Victory for Sharks in Europe - The European Union Bans Shark Fins

05 Jun 03 Illegal Shark Finning Operation In Costa Rica Exposed

21 Mar 03 Sea Shepherds Sirenian Nabs Another Poacher in the Galapagos


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