Drive Fishery Returns to Futo

1 december 2004

Drive Fishery Returns to Futo

We have learned from sources on the ground in Futo that after a five year respite, the drive fishery was re-started in Futo on November 11, 2004.  It was paid for by the dolphin captivity industry and resulted in the deaths of many dolphins.

Observers saw 19 dolphins being lifted out of the water of which three were killed for "research" and to be eaten.  One dolphin died, apparently from shock, and one had a transmitter attached and was released.  The remaining 14 dolphins, if they are still alive, will die in captivity.

About an hour after fishermen and dolphin trainers started lifting dolphins from the water, observers saw the water turn red as other dolphins were being caught and trapped in the nets.  When those nets were removed, about three hours later, observers saw several dolphins caught and injured in the nets.  Those dolphins were driven out to sea but observers believed they were too badly injured and weak to be able to survive.  It is thought that many other dolphins were trapped and died in the nets.  And the observers report their belief that, "More than several dolphins died of shock or drowned in panic and sank to the bottom of the sea."  That night, boats went out in the bay apparently searching for dolphins which had died and sunk, and the next morning an adult dolphin and a baby were found floating in the bay.

The drive was paid for and orchestrated for the benefit of the dolphinariums and aquariums which make up the dolphin captivity industry.  This is an industry that claims it saves and cares for dolphins.  However, based on the above observations, it is clear they only cause pain and suffering.  The drive resulted in 14 dolphins being taken into captivity but it also resulted in the deaths of six dolphins we know about.  The total number of dolphins killed in this process will never be known.

The names and addresses of the aquariums that took dolphins are below.  Please write, telephone and e-mail them to express your feelings about dolphins being harmed and killed so that some can be kept in captivity for amusement.  Feel free to use and adapt the following draft letter:

Dear _________,

I am writing to tell you that abusing dolphins for the amusement of the public is no longer acceptable, and I am horrified that you use and pay drive fisheries to capture dolphins.  The recent drive fishery at Futo was organized specially for businesses like yours, and resulted in the death and injury of many dolphins. 

Dolphins belong in the oceans; they are not property to be owned by you or anyone else.  Just removing dolphins from their natural habitat and their family group is wrong, but to kill and maim other dolphins in the process is criminal.  Japanese people love dolphins and they would be horrified if they knew how many dolphins were killed and maimed to capture the dolphins you present for their enjoyment.  They would find it disgraceful that you would harm dolphins to make a profit, and they would be ashamed to know that they have paid money which will be used to kill and injure more dolphins.

I will not frequent your business until you make a commitment to not harming dolphins and I will encourage others to boycott your business.

Yours sincerely,

Marine Road Dolphin Fantasy
Tel: 0557-36-6237
Fax: 0557-38-1745
2-4-14 Arai  Ito-Shi  Shizuoka-Ken
Japan 414-0043

Shin-Enoshima  Suizokukan
Owner: Ms. Yukiko Hori
Tel: 0466-29-9960
2-19-1  Katase-Kaigan  Fujisawa-Shi  Knagawa-Ken
Japan 251-0035

Awashima Marine Park
Tel: 055-941-3126
Fax: 055-943-2238
186 Urashige-Dera  Numazu-Shi  Shizuoka-Ken
Japan 410-0221

Hosaka Marine Project
Tel: 0558-22-3567
Fax: 0558-22-3831
3-22-31  Shimoda-Shi  Shizuoka-Ken
Japan 415-8502

Shimoda-Kaichu Suizokukan
Tel: 0558-22-3567
Fax: 0558-22-3831
3-22-31  Shimoda-Shi  Shizuoka-Ken
Japan 415-8502

Shimoda-Kaichu Suizokukan is owned by the company Fujita Kanko.
CEO: Mr. Syoji Kato
1-9-15  Kaigan  Minato-Ku  Tokyo  Japan
Tel: 03-3433-5154

Shinagawa Suizokukan
Tel: 03-3762-3433
Fax: 03-3762-3436
3-2-1  Katsushima  Shinagawa-Ku  Tokyo
Japan 140-0012



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