Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

16 mei 2009

Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

Sea Shepherd's Swedish First Officer, Peter Hammarstedt, is a great example of what to do while being interrogated.

Last year, Peter was arrested when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) boarded the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat in international waters. Peter, along with Captain Alex Cornelissen of the Netherlands, was charged with the "crime" of breaking the seal protection regulations by approaching, witnessing, and documenting the killing of a seal.

In Canada, it is a crime to witness or document the killing of a seal by a licensed seal killer.

Peter and Alex were each interrogated for four and a half hours.

And during that time, Peter and Alex said absolutely nothing in accordance to the rule: Nobody talks, everybody walks. They also refused to sign anything in accordance to the rule, Nobody signs, everything is fine.

Peter and Alex were unable to attend their trial last month in Nova Scotia because they had been previously deported and banned for life from entering the country. As a result, the trial went ahead without them, and their bail will most likely be forfeited.

By banning the two crewmembers from the country, the Canadian government was able to avoid the embarrassment of a legitimate trial with a defense. The sentence of deportation for life was given to Alex and Peter a year before the trial. We have included in the below video a couple of the more humorous moments from the interrogation of Peter Hammarstedt. And remember, Peter and Alex each sat through four and a half hours of this comedy until the Mounties finally threw in the towel.

I'm especially amused by the Mounties comparing the documentation of the seal slaughter with Muslim terrorism.

In viewing this, please keep in mind that a Mounty need not have more than a tenth grade education to qualify to be a member of the RCMP. Another interesting factoid about the Mounties is that Disney owns their image. Every time a Mounty uniform appears on television or in a movie, Disney gets a cut of the appearance fees.

In this video, Peter Hammarstedt demonstrates the perfect response to interrogation. He simply said and did nothing.


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